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Fight the elements and each other in a race to become the greatest Bone Hunter in the Badlands.

You are a seasoned bone-hunter on assignment to a renowned museum.

Your mission is to field expeditions into the Badlands to plunder the Dinosaur Digsites there. Landing on a Digsite enables you to pick up or “excavate” Bones Cards.

To maximize your haul of Bones Cards you will need equipment and the services of a sometimes disreputable crew. The more crew and equipment you have the greater your haul of bones cards. The race is then on to get your precious cargo back to your museum where complete sets of bones cards have a points and money value. Money enables you to fund your expeditions and points are recorded on the pad provided. The game continues until there are no more bones cards left to “excavate”. The winner is the player with the most points.

But beware! The attentions of Bone Rustlers and Claim Jumpers, the pitfalls of Calamity Cards and shady dealings at the Bones Bazaar may leave your collection in tatters.

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Inspired by fossil hunting skulduggery.

From the feuding Wild West palaeontologists Cope and Marsh who, in a ruthless pursuit of fame, went so far as to direct their crews to steal from and even dynamite each other’s dig sites. To infamous fossil frauds that fooled collectors and embarrassed esteemed scientific journals, to bitter legal wrangling over the ownership of fossil icons like T. rex.

Dinosaur Wars is 2 hours of fun and tension, where player alliances can bring down the lead player. Where revenge for past wrongs is always an option and where victory may be snatched from defeat in the final moments.

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Dinosaur Wars – Trust no-one and have no regard for the ethics of bone digging!

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What You Get

  • Dinosaur Wars Board
  • 4 Stackable Player Tokens
  • 1 Standard Dice
  • 1 Bone Bazaar Dice
  • 105 Bone Cards
  • 57 Calamity Cards
  • 10 Crew Tokens
  • 10 Equipment Cards
  • Playable Money Notes
  • Pencil and Score Pad
  • Rules & Background Info


This game has become an instant hit at our house! Fast-moving and extremely chaotic, with high stakes and lots of "take that" interaction between players. Easy to set up, and easy to teach to new players.
- Hanz Read More Reviews