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[ Dinosaur Wars is about real events ]

Today we see dinosaurs and their relatives as something nearly every Primary School-age child knows about but it wasn't always so. Dinosaur Wars is about a period when we were just starting to learn about our pre-history and museums were racing to add these new strange creatures to their displays.

Most of us, if asked, would readily identify the archaeologist as a bespectacled book-worm with a pick hammer and a magnifying glass.  Would it surprise you to learn that the accumulation of some of the best and largest fossil finds in the world we now have in our museums were brought there by intrigue, dynamite, theft, skulduggery and violence! This is the period we call the "Dinosaur Wars" and it is set within the US desert "Bad Lands" of Montana and Wyoming.

We'll tell you a little about this story on the following pages and provide links to resources we know about in case you get this as an project at school or just like to read about dinosaurs like we do.

We've only just started writing but feel free to drop us a line if you think you can add any details we might be missing.
Bernie and Graham